White Wolf Advisory Services is a bespoke consulting company that helps small to mid-size medical device companies to brand, position, commercialize, and drive their products to the consumer market.

We are unique because we have over 35 years of combined experience within the marketing, communications, and medical fields. We are small but smart: we offer concierge services to our clients who could not otherwise afford this niche of expertise. We are the Trusted Advisors you can't afford not to do business with...we'll drive and guide you to the finish line!

What We Do

Data & Sector Analysis For Increased Market Share & Improved Profits

Master Plans For New Product Branding & Positioning

Solutions For New Product Launch & Commercialization

Integrative Digital Marketing & Sales Strategies

Individualized & Group Executive Branding & Leadership Programs

Crisis Management & Team Building Master Classes

New Speaker Training for Zoom & Online Presentations

White Wolf Advisory Services is a global advisory, helping organizations that are hungry for creativity, imagination, and team-building skills to inspire their employees and lead them through projects from the conceptual to post-launch while achieving stellar metrics. We combine 22 years in the Marketing, Communications, and Branding Spaces with over 16 years as business owner and practicing physician.  We can relate to your patients’ needs and we are offering these combined skills to your organization.

WWASCO provides branding, product launch & commercialization of new and existing products.  Many consulting services will offer you either a team of marketing, sales and branding people, then charge additional fees for a MSL (Medical Science Liaison).  WWASCO is unique – we offer you the same combined skills and develop programs exclusively for your organization’s needs.  Our CEO, Dr. Kelley Mondesiré’s medical career allows her to build relatable and long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders.  Her skills sets and broad network of influencers allows her to leverage her relationships that she’s built across multiple sectors. This is key to our clients’ increased market share and profitability.  Simply stated…great value for your money.

Our bespoke team of Trusted Advisors ensures that each and every project is custom-designed for your organization’s needs.  Every member of our pack is continually reminded of their individual value to WWASCO and our clients for their bespoke assignment.  Our team members remain humble in their field of expertise and remain true to our creed – seek out and explore new knowledge daily.  This insatiable thirst for knowledge and cutting-edge technologies is what makes our pack unique.

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Our Mission

We are committed to inspiring and motivating others to visualize a mutual goal, its worth and value, and build quality relationships/teams to bring the concept into reality. Our pack consists of project-oriented, team-based, results-driven, and commanding yet lovable experts. We’ll roll up our sleeves in any situation and get to work while always keeping high-quality relationships and the long-term mission in mind.

Our Purpose

We partner with Key Opinion Leaders and executives to develop strategies that will improve market share and increase profits within this ever-changing business environment. We are here to create a global impact by cultivating and collaborating with cross-functional teams to create product innovations that will increase customer experience.

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Our Core Values

WWASCO is based on these 5 pillars:  Integrity, Discipline, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. We are GLOBAL LEADERS & TRUSTED ADVISORS. We inspire KOL’s to create new and ongoing relationships and enroll teams for the purpose of achieving greatness in all we do together. We are unbeatable as we bring decisiveness, super energy, heart and enthusiasm to every assignment and task.

“Envision the possibility of Greatness; become Greatness, then contemplate ‘what’s next?’”

- Dr. Kelley Mondesiré, CEO & Founder

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